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Nowadays, Sino-US relations have become one of the most vital bilateral relations. Increased interactions in political and security fields, as well as enhanced economic interdependence between the two countries, encourages the Chinese academia to deepen their research in American Studies and Sino-US relations.

A book series of collected papers, Shanghai Review of American Studies intends to provide readers with an overview of American studies and Sino-US relations and highlights research findings in these fields. It also aims to serve as a platform for researchers to exchange research findings and share original and reprinted essays.  

This book series collects both domestic and international research findings, including China-related reports from the American academic circle. While focusing on topical issues in Sino-US relations, the publication also aims to enhance our understanding of American politics, economics, society and culture.

The SIAS hopes to make this book series an influential publication on US studies. Utilizing its research resources, it has created feature columns such as “Sino-US Relations and Emerging Issues”, “US Political/Foreign Policies and Implications”, “US Society and Culture”, “Exchanges Between Shanghai and the US” and “Reports on China in the US”.