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Dear academic colleagues: 

With Sino-US relations recognized as one of the world’s most vital bilateral relationships, this subject has consequently become the focus of international studies. In view of this, the SIAS started compiling the book series Shanghai Review of American Studies in 2014. Collaborating with Shanghai Zhongxi Book Company, we hope to collect key research achievements in the field. The first two volumes mainly comprise a collection of reprinted papers that represented major academic focuses. 

Apart from a dedicated editorial team at the SIAS, we have also received great support from many organizations such as the Center for American Studies at Fudan University, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, and the Institute of International Relations at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences. 

In order to improve the quality and value of Shanghai Review of American Studies, we intend to include more original works and compile future volumes at a quicker pace. Therefore we encourage submission of papers addressing any topics on American Studies and Sino-US relations. Your contributions and support will be greatly appreciated. We promise we will respond to all emails and inquires. 

Priority will be given to original research papers. We offer competitive compensation for works that we use. We prefer short papers (8,000 words maximum) that follow The Chicago Manual of Style for matters of style and documentation. Please send your emails to and kindly enclose your contact information and a brief biography when you submit a paper.

Please also include your name and the title of your paper in your email subject line. 

Thank you for your support! 

                        The Editorial Team
                               April 20, 2016