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Wu Xinbo

Welcome to our new website! In this redesigned version we present you our latest research achievements. We aim to use our platform to build connections and create more opportunities for collaboration.

Since its establishment, the Shanghai Institute of American Studies (SIAS) has been dedicated to promoting American studies in China and Sino-US exchange programs. To this end, we have organized a wide range of meetings, released annual research reports, and developed many quality publications including our in-house journal US Brief, the American Studies Series, and several book series on Shanghai-US relations.

Since the turn of the century, many new international issues have emerged. Meanwhile  China's rapid rise has made its interests of global importance. These developments have opened up new horizons for Chinese researchers interested in international issues and also extended the scope of international studies as a whole.

However, in-depth American studies are far from becoming obsolete in China. America’s course in the 21st century is a subject worthy of the attention of our entire global community .

On a national level, the US forms an important factor in China’s domestic politics and its relationship with the world. Solid, in-depth and long-term studies will provide us with a more thorough understanding of America’s current situation and its future in terms of politics, economics, society and culture. The SIAS is strong in recognizing significant trends for the US in the 21st century and generating its own insights into the nature of Sino-US relations. It enables us to improve our ability to predict the progress of bilateral relations.

On a municipal level, studying the relationship between Shanghai and the US will help promote exchanges and benefit the city’s internationalization efforts as well as its cultural, economic and social development. To this end, my colleagues and I will continue our hard work.

We would like to thank all of you who have supported our work over the years. We look forward to strengthening our collaboration in the years ahead!

                    Wu Xinbo
                   President, SIAS

                                                          September1, 2016