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40 People on 40 Years: China-US Diplomatic Dialogue


40 People on 40 Years: China-US Diplomatic Dialogue, compiled by the Shanghai Institute of American Studies (SIAS) , was recently published by New World Press. This edition was the results of the project “40 People on 40 Years: An Interview Series Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of China-US Diplomatic Normalization”, which is a joint effort by SIAS, the Center for American Studies at Fudan University and the Paper (a Chinese digital media outlet). The team interviewed 40 renowned experts from different political arenas and circles of academia (20 from each side) across seven cities in China and the US, in the hope to  shed light on the diplomatic path to where we are today and to explore the future trends of bilateral relations. 

In the past 40 years since the rapprochement, China-US relations have evolved from tense standoffs to a complex mix of intensifying diplomacy. This has been driven by shared interests, underpinned by solid public support, and bound by the common responsibilities to the international community. 40 leading experts shared their views on the experiences and lessons in bilateral relations and charted the path forward. In order to enhance bilateral relations, both sides have to learn to accommodate each other, to increase communication, to strengthen mutual trust, to deepen cooperation, to manage differences, and to pursue win-win strategies.