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The Almanac of Shanghai-US Exchanges (2018)


The Almanac ofShanghai-US Exchanges (2018)

Thethird edition of The Almanac of Shanghai-US Exchanges (2018), compiledby SIAS, was recently published by Shanghai Far East Publishers.

Thisis the third consecutive year that SIAS has followed and compiled thehighlights and key events in bilateral exchanges between Shanghai and the US,both on governmental and non-governmental levels. This edition includes over athousand entries about bilateral exchanges, ranging from culture and arts,education, social sciences, foreign affairs, science and technology, tohealthcare, economy and finance.

Shanghai'simports from and exports to the US fell slightly in 2018 for the first time inthe past three years, but the two-way trade and investment continue to enjoygood momentum as cultural and people-to-people exchanges grow steadily, despitethe negative factors such as the trade dispute between the two countries. Thisdemonstrates that the enthusiasm for local exchanges and cooperation are ashigh as ever, and that local and non-governmental efforts play a key role inmaintaining ties and promoting bilateral relations during moments of turmoil.

Manyindividuals and government agencies have offered their help with thecompilation of this book, including the Shanghai Municipal Commission ofCommerce, the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, theShanghai People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and theShanghai Academy of Educational Sciences.